Course curriculum

Learn ChatGPT, Microsoft Designer, Google Bard and Microsoft AI.

    1. Welcome to a course in ChatGPT

    2. Your ChatGPT Account and the main features

    3. Important: the Google Guidelines on content generated by Artificial Intelligence

    1. Separating Topics from Content

    2. Sculpting your content to the right version

    3. use keywords in your titles and subheadings

    4. How to do prompt engineering

    5. Topic Mining

    1. Latent Semantic Indexing

    2. Utilize Low Competition Keywords with ChatGPT Content

    3. Create Featured Snippets in Google Search Results

    4. Optimize your content and HTML markup

    5. Create Backlinks to Improve Your Search Rankings

    1. Create Social Media Posts with AI

    2. How to use Dall-E-2 for image creation

    3. Create social media posts with ChatGPT

    1. Hybrid Content Creation Optimized for all Platforms

    2. Create an Automated Email Sequence with ChatGPT

    3. Create Landing Pages and Downloadables with ChatGPT

    4. Bringing it All Together for Blog Creation with ChatGPT

    1. Create a bedtime story for your child with ChatGPT

    2. Tutor a Mathematics Class with ChatGPT

    3. Write a great farewell speech or song with ChatGPT

    4. Write a Cover Letter and Resume with ChatGPT

About this course

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About this course

Learn what we are going to cover in the ChatGPT course

Learn all AI tools in one course.

How to use ChatGPT, Google Bard, Microsoft Designer & AI for marketing, content writing, SEO, social media and more!